American Chopping Sensei is Coming Soon!

It’s been quite a bit since our last update! But fear not our legion of fans (let’s pretend we have legions of fans for a moment), for our next title, American Chopping Sensei is arriving soon! You’ll notice that the Games page excitedly says it’s “Available Now!” but alas, that page is nothing but a web of lies for it is actually going through Windows 8 certification as we speak. With that said, we’ll be telling the truth soon enough.

But, what’s that you say? You say you don’t have Windows 8 because the start menu is missing? Well that’s kind of a bummer, but you’ve got a smartphone right? Yes? Of course you do. Soon(ish), you will also see American Chopping Sensei on Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS as well. Stay tuned for updates on when the game is available for these platforms!

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