Stressed Out Steve 1.02 is in the Wild!

In this latest update to Stressed Out Steve. We worked on fixing a significant number of bugs ranging from usability issues to a few crashes.  There were so many fixes that they didn’t even all fit into the “What’s New In This Version” box from the Play store. Below is the full list of bugs/issues fixed in this latest update:

  • Panning mode is now clearly denoted.
  • Normal UI buttons are hidden when in panning mode.
  • “End panning” button is now more clearly labeled (now labeled as “Back”).
  • Made the swiping circle larger to assist the big-fingered folk.
  • Tweaked stage 5 to reduce frustration from the battering ram!
  • Changed “FLIP THE DESK” to “SWIPE THE DESK” as “Flip” was confusing some users.
  • Fixed a freeze if you swiped desk repeatedly while Steve runs up to it.
  • If you exit the game we now remember where you left off when you come back.
  • Pressing the back button from in-game asks if you want to go back to main menu.
  • Pressing the back button from main menu exits the game.
  • Fixed some levels where students hanging from the ceiling ropes would flip out and wreck the place before Steve wrecked the same place.
  • Sped up the summary screen score tally.
  • Improved panning – it now works intuitively as users expect.
  • Enabled users to skip mission introduction by tapping the screen.
  • Players can now play offline (like in the subway) and have their score posted to the leader board when a connection is available.
  • Removed some low-gameplay-valued props across all levels to improve performance.
  • Made some changes to texts to comply with Apple’s guidelines.

This is only our first round of updates and we are planning on adding more levels and improvements so stay tuned!

American Chopping Sensei is here! Rejoice!

American Chopping Sensei is now available in the Windows 8 store.  Our game page is no longer a dirty old liar, it’s legit.  To experience the only game with hairy hands of fury for yourself, click here.

We are also now commencing work to port the app for the Windows Phone 8 platform, and should be able to bring that to you all (it’s not just us right?) very soon.  Stay tuned for more info.

Ramen Ninja Available Now!

Our first title Ramen Ninja is now available for download on your XBOX 360. There are several ways you can download Ramen Ninja:

  • The easiest way to find Ramen Ninja is to Bing! “Ramen Ninja” on your XBOX dashboard.
  • You can also visit our marketplace page, and buy the game on your pc.  The download will then be done automatically when you log into your profile on your XBOX. Ramen Ninja on XBOX LIVE Marketplace site!

Do you have what it takes to be a Ramen Ninja?