American Chopping Sensei

American Chopping Sensei is the story of a hairy man that wants to show the world his skills of chopping food with his bare (did we mention hairy) hands. Don’t worry, he washes them before starting his work (probably). Show off your reflexes as you slice your way through the conveyor belt of assorted food (and non-food) items and see how much of a Chopping Sensei you are!

Chopping Sensei Features:

  • Chop different food items with your hairy hands of fury.
  • Don’t chop what you can’t eat.
  • Chop with sensei-like precision to maximize your score!
  • Be a chopping champ and take on the world’s most insane chopping combinations!
  • Each wave is more difficult that the last. New Foods and challenges the further you go!

Support & Requirements:

  • A windows 8 computer, or windows 8 rt tablet.
  • 16 megabytes of hard drive space.
  • This is a single player game.
  • This game has a Local Leaderboard.



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