Ramen Ninja

Box Art

What’s your favorite noodle? Ramen or udon? In the world of Ramen Ninja, this question is at the very heart of the great rivalry between the ramen-farming ninjas and the udon-loving corporations. One day, the evil Doctor Udon (who happens to love udon noodles) takes the battle to the next level by stealing all of the ninja’s ramen crop and turning it into udon. He also burns their farms for good measure!

As the sneakiest ninja of the ramen-farming ninja clan, you must break into Doctor Udon’s corporation and take back what belongs to your people. You will have to sneak, crawl, stomp and run around narcoleptic security guards, hypnotic goat-men and obligatory zombies to complete your task! If you get spotted, make a break for it and hide until they give up. Find Doctor Udon and bring him to justice!

RameNinja Standingn Ninja is a game about real-time sneaking and on-the-fly decisions. Each level presents its own unique challenges that will force you to be creative in your evasion tactics. Do your best to get a perfect score on all levels to become the best ramen ninja!


Ramen Ninja Features:

  • The first available episode: Enter the Ramen features 20 challenging levels to crawl, sneak, stomp and run around.
  • Up-to-you difficulty; you can collect just one ramen to advance to the next stage or if you want to challenge yourself, collect all three ramen.
  • Three different enemies, each with their own personality and special moves, will attempt to stop you at every turn! Outsmart them by observing their patrols and make your move at the right moment.
  • Hide behind walls, duck behind tables and distract enemies with sound. You can even hide behind other enemies!
  • Four extra tutorial levels teach you how to become a ninja in no time!

Available Episodes:

  • Enter the Ramen (20 Levels, initial release)

Support & Requirements:

  • XBOX 360 Console with controller
  • 22 MB of storage space (Memory unit or hard drive)
  • This is a single player game
  • This game supports 720p HD resolution (The console will automatically letterbox the display on lower resolutions)

The levels are interactive
Interact with buttons, doors, pressure plates and sleeping guards!

Ninjas Can Crawl!
Some areas require you to crawl on all fours to get by undetected

No casual game is complete without zombies!

Ninja Stomping
Use the stomp move to draw the attention of surrounding enemies.