Stressed Out Steve!

SOS Title Screen

Stressed Out Steve features a frustrated teacher hard at work to prevent an invading gang corrupt his already-rowdy students. You must control Steve and his mighty desk to teach those students a lesson on behaving inside and outside the classroom! Soon, Steve finds that it’s not just his classroom that needs help, but his fellow teachers as well!

Stressed Out Steve Features:

  • Unique levels, each with their own challenge.
  • Intuitive touch controls for the best flippin’ results.
  • Cross-platform leaderboard, so you can prove you’re the best!
  • Try to capture the Golden Bonus Bookbag for more points!

Support & Requirements:


  • Android OS version 4 and higher
  • iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad Mini or later device with iOS 7.1 or higher
  • Single player game






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